Peter Blauner

Video Interview of Peter Blauner: I began my career as a novelist with a determined sense of mission – sort of like the Donner Party, I guess. I didn’t want to write a “snow on the tennis court” novel. I wanted to write a book that was engaged with the real world, not dewy memories of …Read More

Orozco’s Fiction Writers Review Interview

From Fiction Writers Review Find Your Metaphor: An Interview with Daniel Orozco By Michael Shilling   A fallen Nicaraguan dictator, criminal waifs lost in the Pacific Northwest, two police officers who fall in love, and one truly massive earthquake: these are the subjects of Daniel Orozco’s stories, which are as formally unique as they are …Read More

Millhauser’s Bomb Interview

From  Bomb Steven Millhauser Interview by Jim Shepard I first met Steven Millhauser some 16 years ago, when, with my friend Ed Hirsch along as a somewhat disinterested coconspirator, I induced Steven to meet us at the Russian Tea Room. My plan was to convince him to take the job of visiting writer at Williams …Read More

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