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Emma Straub
“A Map of Modern Palm Springs”

“A Map of Modern Palm Springs,” is from Emma Straub’s debut collection, OTHER PEOPLE WE MARRIED, (originally published by Five Chapters Books, February 2011). Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in Vogue, New York Magazine, Tin House, The Paris Review Daily, Barrelhouse, The Saint Ann’s Review, and other journals. She is the author of the novels THE VACATIONERS, LAURA LAMONT’S LIFE IN PICTURES, and the forthcoming MODERN LOVERS (Riverhead Books), about a tight-knit group of friends from college–their own kids now going to college–and what it means to finally grow up after adulthood has set in. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband.


Straub said this about the origin of her story: Last year, my husband and I went to Palm Springs for a brief vacation. It was cold and damp in New York, but Palm Springs was warm and dry. We sat by the pool, we ate several avocados a day, and loafed around in the sunshine. One afternoon, bored of doing nothing, we went and bought a map of the architectural highlights, very few of which (a hotel here, a gas station there) one could see without scaling a fence. I began to imagine who else would come to Palm Springs on vacation, and what they might find. Though the observations of the landscape were my own, my husband and I had a much, much better time than the sisters in my story.

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