The American Lover
W.W. Norton
Rose Tremain

“Captive” is from Rose Tremain’s new collection, THE AMERICAN LOVER (W.W. Norton, 2015).  She is the author of numerous novels, including The Road Home, winner of the 2008 Orange Prize, and five collections of stories.


Gerard Woodward, writing in the Guardian, said of the collection: “Tremain’s protagonists are often loners whose isolation is emotional rather than physical, who are trapped by memory, desire, or loyalty in situations they can no longer control.”


Mary Gordon in The New York Times, praised the book:  “There is a bracing acerbity to her voice, and a refusal to reduce the important human experiences to simple categories. Everything is less or more than it seems — itself, its opposite and something in between. Marriage can be a hideous entrapment or a paradisal enclosed garden or an updated form of prostitution. Sex doesn’t bring happiness, unless it does.”

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