I Am an Executioner: Love Stories
Alfred A. Knopf
Rajesh Parameswaran

“Demons” is from Rajesh Parameswaran’s debut story collection, I Am an Executioner: Love Stories, (Knopf).  Parameswaran’s stories have appeared in McSweeney’s, Granta, Zoetrope, and Fiction.  His work has appeared in The Best American Magazine Writing.


The story is about a harassed wife who, having idly wished her annoying husband would just die, suddenly finds him felled by a heart attack.  In the aftermath, she’s consumed by the notion, common in India, that wishing harm on another may activate such harm.


From the New York Times Review – “A compulsive and infectious narrative restlessness marks Rajesh Parameswaran’s first collection of short fiction.”


Walter Mosley says of Parameswaran: ““To claim that an author has written inventive stories about love conjures up many possibilities, but none will compare to the fertile imaginings of Rajesh Parameswaran. His debut collection is filled with the voices of astonishing characters — a misunderstood tiger, a strip mall con man who opens a medical clinic with only library texts to guide him, an executioner, a surveillance agent, a pompous railway manager, and more — whose pitch-perfect stories recalibrate the notion of love and power with dark humor and unbearable tenderness.”

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