A Thousand Morons
Open Letter Books
Quim Monzo
“Love Is Eternal”

“Love is Eternal” is from Quim Monzo’s latest collection, A THOUSAND MORONS (Open Letter Books, translated by Peter Bush).  Monzo is a contemporary Catalan writer of novels, short stories and discursive prose.  His fiction is characterized by an awareness of pop culture and irony.  Monzo has won many European awards including the City of Barcelona Award, the El Temps Award, and the Lletra d’Or Prize for the best book of the year; he has been awarded Serra d’Or magazine’s prestigious Critics’ Award four times.  He lives in Barcelona.


Monzo and his collection have received high praise:


“A gifted writer, he draws well on the rich tradition of Spanish surrealism to put a deliberately paranoic  sense of menace  in the apparently mundane every day and also to sustain the lyrical, visionary quality of his imagination.” – New York Times


“Monzó,  in small,  masterful strokes,  gives his stories  a full-bodied existence.  . . . Quim  Monzó  joins  contemporary short-story  writers such as Etgar Keret and George Saunders with the ability to show the absurd  in the real, and how the absurd  reveals the real.” – World Literature Today


“Today’s best known writer in Catalan. He is also, no exaggeration, one of the world’s great short-story writers.”- The Independent (London)


“To read [Monzo] is to enter a fictional  universe created  by an author  trapped  between  aversion  to and astonishment at the world in which he has found himself.  His almost manic humor is underpinned by a frighteningly bleak vision of daily life.”  – Times Literary Supplement (London)

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