Times Ages In A Hurry
Archipelago Books
Antonio Tabucchi
“The Circle”

“The Circle” is from Antonio Tabucchi’s collection TIME AGES IN A HURRY (Archipelago Books, 2105).  Taducchi, who died in 2012, is one of the leading European writers, a man whose new works were eagerly anticipated, and who has been widely translated across the continent and beyond.  He is an Italian whose second home is Portugal.  His books are elegant and clever and his stories and short novels are deceptively simple yet manage to express a great deal in relatively few pages.


Each of the nine stories in Time Ages in a Hurry is an imaginative inquiry into something hidden or disguised, which can be uncovered not by reason but only by feeling and intuition, by what isn’t said. Disquieted and disoriented yet utterly human in their loves and fears, the characters in these vibrant and often playful stories suffer from what Tabucchi once referred to as a “corrupted relationship with history.” Each protagonist must confront phantoms from the past, misguided or false beliefs, and the deepest puzzles of identity–and each in his or her own way ends up experiencing “an infinite sense of liberation, as when finally we understand something we’d known all along and didn’t want to know.”


Philip Graham, in Fiction Writer’s Review said of the collection:  All the stories in this collection vibrate with the elemental, eerie power of change…”


Kirkus Reviews wrote:  In this collection of short stories, the late Tabucchi plays with philosophical themes such as the circularity of memory and time, depicting characters who struggle to preserve voices they can no longer hear and to communicate these echoes to others.

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