Irwin Shaw Short Stories: Five Decades
Open Road
Irwin Shaw
“The Eighty Yard Run”

“The Eighty-Yard Run” is from Irwin Shaw’s collected stories, SHORT STORIES, FIVE DECADES (Open Road, 2016). Irwin Shaw was a star of the New Yorker’s fiction pages in the 1930s and ’40s. His prose helped shape the landscape of post-war fiction, and his work drew from a remarkable life that spanned from American football fields to European battlefields, Broadway to Hollywood, Depression-era saloons to the McCarthy hearings. Among the sixty-three stories are iconic works such as “The Eighty-Yard Run,” a tale of an American dream crippled on Black Monday, and “Main Currents in American Thought,” in which a hack radio copywriter is tormented by the glitz of show business.


Through the decades, Shaw’s writing — as demonstrated in these stories — maintained the clear-eyed moral purpose, rich in wit and startling insight, of a tough kid with a philosopher’s soul. The new collection is a wide-ranging fictional portrait of life in postwar America by an acclaimed New Yorker short story writer and #1 New York Times–bestselling novelist.


Praise for Irwin Shaw:


“[Shaw] has a primitive skill possessed by very few sophisticated men.” —The New York Times


“Shaw is as skilled in construction as anyone who ever wrote in the form . . .” —Esquire

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