The Pavilion of Former Wives
Dzanc Books
Jonathan Baumbach
“The Pavilion of Former Wives”

“The Pavillion of Former Wives” is from Jonathan Baumbach’s new collection, THE PAVILLIION OF FORMER WIVES (Dzanc Books, 2016). Baumbach is the author of 14 books of fiction, including the novel, YOU. He is a prolific story writer and over 90 of his stories have been published in such places as Esquire, American Review, Tri Quarterly, Partisan Review, Zoetrope, and elsewhere.


Baumbach has been widely praised. Library Journal said of his work: “[Baumbach’s] style lends itself well to settings of paranoid American noir, a miasma of sunglasses, pistols, and deadpan. For readers who enjoy that ilk, Baumbach delivers a nice, dark magic show.”


Michael Cunningham, Pultizer Prize-winning author of THE HOURS, said of Baumbach: “Jonathan Baumbach has been a hero of mine since I started writing. I was then, and remain today, avid for novelists who push the limits of the novel’s form without sacrificing its traditional human juices. Baumbach is just such a writer.”

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