Sarajevo Marlboro
Archipelago Books
Miljenko Jergovic
Unavoidable Detail of Biography

“Unavoidable Detail of Biography” is from Miljenko Jergovic’s story collection, Sarajevo Marlboro (Archipelago Books, 2005). The New Republic called this collection of stories about Sarajevo during the Bosnian War, “outstanding” for its “seriousness, sensitivity, quirky intelligence, and gentle humor from a master of the short story.”


Jergovic was born in Sarajevo in 1966. He wrote for the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje and served as the Sarajevo correspondent for Dalmatian Weekly. His first book of poetry, Warsaw Observatory, won two prestigious awards in 1988. He has written several novels, including Mama Leone and Buick Riviera. His work has been published throughout Europe.


Aleksandar Hemon says this about the collection: “Like all great war books Sarajevo Marlboro is not about war – it’s about life. Jergovic is an enormously talented storyteller, so the people under siege come through in all their poignant fullness. And one more thing: this book does not belong to the literature of complaining, much too common these days – Sarajevo Marlboro is a book for the people who appreciate life.”


The book was translated by Stela Tomassevic.

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