New Ghost Stories, Anthology
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Miha Mazzini
“In The Walls”

“In The Walls” is by Miha Mazzini and appeared in the anthology, NEW GHOST STORIES, ANTHOLOGY (The Fiction Desk, 2014).   Mazzini is a Slovenian writer, screenwriter and film director with twenty-eight published books, translated in nine languages.  His novel, Cartier Project, was the all-time best-selling novel in the former Yugoslavia. It won the 1987 Best Novel of the Year award from both the pro-government and opposition newspapers.


His work has been selected for many international anthologies.  His short story Mother was included in Contemporary European Fiction anthology and in 2012 one of his stories received a Pushcart Prize.


He said of his story:  It was that time of the year and I was thinking where have all the Christmas stories gone? They used to be so popular in Victorian England, stories about misers confronting ghosts (reminders of eternity and last judgment) and finding enough goodness in their hearts to open their wallets for the poor. I started wandering what about would this kind of ghost story be today; in this atomized, individualized world? Loneliness, I thought and went to sleep.


I woke up in the middle of the night. Neighbors’ child was crying. On and on he went and I was floating between wakefulness and sleep, while this story slowly built itself in my mind.


The story is translated by Lenart Pogacnik.

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