The Tsar of Love and Techno
Crown Publishers
Anthony Marra
“Wolf of White Forest”

“Wolf of White Forest” is from Anthony Marra’s collection, THE TSAR OF LOVE AND TECHNO (Hogarth, 2015).  Marra is the New York Times-bestselling author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, longlisted for the National Book Award and winner of the 2013 National Book Critics Circle’s John Leonard Prize, and the Barnes and Noble Discover Award.


Sarah Lyall, writing in the New York Times, said of the collection:  Each story is a gem in itself.  But the book is greater than its parts, an almost unbearably moving exploration of the importance of love, the pull of family, the uses and misuses of history, and the need to reclaim the past by understanding who you really are and what really happened…He starts this miracle of a book by showing us how a system can erase the past, the truth, even its citizens. He ends by demonstrating, through his courageous, flawed, deeply human characters, how individual people can restore the things that have been taken away.


Francine Prose in the Washington Post: Remarkable…Marra is a gifted writer with the energy and the ambition to explore the lives of characters whose experiences and whose psyches might seem, until we read his work, so distant from our own. Reading his work is like watching the restoration — the reappearance, on the page — of those whom history has erased.


Booklist (starred review):  Marra, in between bursts of acidic humor, summons the terror, polluted landscapes, and diminished hopes of generations of Russians in a tragic and haunting collection.


Kirkus Reviews (starred review): Powerful…strikingly reimagines a nearly a century of changes in Russia. [T]he book’s brilliance and humor are laced with the somber feeling that the country is allergic to evolution.

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