The Palace of Illusions
Softskull Press
Kim Addonizio
“The Other Woman”

“The Other Woman” is from Kim Addonizio’s most recent story collectionm, THE PALACE OF ILLUSIONS (Softskull Press, 2014).¬† Addonizio is the author of a previous story collection, In the Box Called Pleasure; two novels, Little Beauties and My Dreams Out in the Street; five poetry collections; and two books on writing¬† poetry. Her stories have appeared in numerous literatry journals, including American Short Fiction, Narrative, and Indiana Review.


She has received numerous honors for her writing, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and two NEA Fellowships, and was a National Book Award Finalist in 2000. She lives in Oakland, CA, and New York City.


Christine Sneed, writing in SFGate, said of the collection: If all stories, on some fundamental level, must be about desire, with the protagonist’s longing for something or someone providing the fuel that propels the plot forward, the Oakland poet, novelist and musician Kim Addonizio’s second short story collection, The Palace of Illusions, observes and at times glorifies this mandate. The 14 stories in this new collection range from realist, contemporary narratives to darkly comic fairy tales that subtly complicate the binary oppositions of good versus evil and contentment versus despair.


Publisher’s Weekly wrote: This book is for those who enjoy sardonic humor, forceful narration, and a variety of genres.

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