Jeremiah Chamberlin’s Top 10

Jeremiah Chamberlin is editor-in-chief at Fiction Writers Review. He says: the stories I’ve selected are by emerging authors who’ve not released books yet but whose talents make them ones to keep an eye on. For Phil Klay and Michael Rudin, this is their first published story. Stephanie Soileau’s work has been anthologized in New Stories from the South. Natalie Bakopoulos’s “Fresco, Byzantine” received a 2010 PEN/O. Henry Prize award, and both Molly Antopol’s “The Quietest Man” and Greg Schutz’s “Joyriders” were Distinguished Stories of 2010 in Best American Short Stories. Stories are alphabetical.

1.“The Quietest Man,” by Molly Antopol, from Issue 132 of One Story, March 2010 2.“Fresco, Byzantine,” by Natalie Bakopoulos, from Issue 37 of Tin House, Fall 2008
3. “Bricks,” by J.T. Bushnell, from vol. 41, no 2 of the South Carolina Review, Spring 20094.“Captivity,” by Abby Geni, from Issue 73 of Glimmer Train Stories, Winter 2010
5.“Redeployment,” by Phil Klay, from Issue 116 of Granta, Summer 20116.“The Drowned Girl,” by Micah Riecker, from vol. 6, no. 2 of The Cincinnati Review, Winter 2010
7.“Three Movements,” by Michael Rudin, from Issue 26 of The Collagist, September 20118.“Magicians,” by Kendra Langford Shaw, from vol. 67, no. 3 of the Antioch Review, Summer 2009
9.“Joyriders,” by Greg Schutz, from vol. 36, nos 2 &3 of Ploughshares, Fall 201010.“The Ranger Queen of Sulphur,” by Stephanie Soileau, from Issue 11 of Ecotone, Spring 2011
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