Robin Black’s Top 10

Robin Black’s debut story collection was published by Random House in 2010. She said: I realized as I made this list, that in my case “Top Ten” was going to mean “ten stories that taught me a lot.” I first encountered many of these at a time when I was just getting serious about writing – a decade or so ago. And each was a revelation. Each showed me something entirely new that a short story could do. Each helped me fall deeper in love with the form. And then deeper still. How could I learn this magical art? These are ten of the (many) stories that inspired the question and contained some of the answers as well. The Alice Schell story is the least well-known. It’s a miracle and should be read and read.

1.“Kingdom of the Sun,” Alice Schell 2.“A Conversation With My Father,” Grace Paley
3. “Ralph the Duck,” Frederick Busch4.“A Stone Woman,” A.S. Byatt
5. “Body Art,” A.S. Byatt6. “The Ice Wagon,” Mavis Gallant
7. “A Distant Episode,” Paul Bowles8.“Adultery,” Andre Dubus
9. “Moon Lake,” Eudora Welty10. “My Sister’s Honeymoon: A Videotape,” Dan Chaon
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